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Avoid Road Rage in Your Plymouth Car Rental

Road rage can make for an unpleasant traffic jam experience – it’s not like you can make the traffic clear, can you? Some people certainly do try. Cope with road rage by using the following techniques:

  • Be well rested: tired people are cranky people, who are prone to feelings o annoyance, resentment, and even anger.
  • Plan ahead: do you rush through your morning routine, leaving yourself with no time? Prepare as much as you can the night before to minimize rushing. Extra time will mean a calmer experience in your Plymouth Massachusetts car rental.
  • Don’t Take It Out on Your Car: so you had a fight or your boss was hard on you. Don’t use driving as a way to blow off steam.
  • Keep the Bass Down Low: listen to music that does not put you in an aggressive frame of mind.
  • Breathe Deeply: if you start clenching your wheel in a death-grip, flex your fingers, roll down the window and breathe deeply and slowly.
  • It’s Not About You: the driver ahead of you – no matter what crazy stunt they’re pulling – is not out to get you. Maybe there’s a screaming baby, a loose pet, or a crazed bee in the car. Don’t take it personally.
  • Hostility is Risky: people with anger issues are more prone to a myriad of health risks. Anger will not resolve an irritating situation, so stay calm and healthy!

Give Yourself Enough Braking Time

You may want to get to your destination as fast as possible, but it’s unwise to go faster than the flow of traffic. Doing so will not give your Plymouth Massachusetts car rental enough time to brake safely. Give yourself 2 seconds to stop if the weather is good. Double the time to 4 seconds if the weather is rainy. Double the stopping time again to 8 seconds for your Plymouth Massachusetts car rental if it’s snowy or icy out.

Also, the faster you are going, the more time you’ll need to stop. The bigger your vehicle, the more time you’ll need to stop as well. These are all factors to take into account.

Allow Space for Merging

While allowing other traffic to merge into your lane could be seen as something to make things slower, you have to put it into perspective. What’s slower: letting other vehicles in front of your Plymouth Massachusetts car rental or an accident? Kindly allow others to merge into your lane and the traffic will all move a little faster.

Try Not to Lane Jump

No matter how bad the traffic jam is, it will be infinitely worse when someone is constantly shifting from one lane to another. Don’t be that driver. Focus on the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is the one that lets you see and lets you move the fastest in your Plymouth Massachusetts car rental. Sometimes the path of least resistance means staying in your lane.

Look Carefully Before Changing Lanes

Just because someone wasn’t there a minute ago, doesn’t mean that they aren’t there now. Always check your mirrors and your blind spot before changing lanes. Try to stay out of other people’s blind spots as well. There’s no guarantee that they’ll check them before changing lanes. Be aware of what’s going on around you before making any moves and ensure that you’re in a position where you can be seen.

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